What is Taekwon-Do? Taekwon-Do is a Korean martial-art founded by General Choi Hong Hi 9th Dan. It was given the name Taekwon-Do by General Choi and agreed by leading officials in Korea on 11th April 1955. Taekwon-Do can be translated literally as 'the way of the foot and the fist' Tae represents the foot used for kicking, smashing and jumping Kwon represents the hand used for punching, striking, thrusting and blocking. Do represents the art, way or method. Taekwon-Do training has a broad and encompassing program which consists of fitness exercises, stretching, defensive and offensive techniques such as blocking, punching and kicking, semi-contact sparring, destruction and more.
To be successful in Taekwon-Do requires patience, self-discipline, and serious dedicated training. Stroud Taekwon-Do offers a carefully planned syllabus teaching effective self-defence, strength development, cardiovascular fitness, flexibility, and variety of fighting techniques, through a combination of mental and physical training. Taekwon-Do is practiced by 60 million people worldwide, making it one of the most, if not the most popular martial art in the world today. Where can I train? Call us on 07877 474946 or 07825 600202 to book a class!
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